Tuesday, October 19, 2021


Press Release

Eagle County welcomes Text-To-911 – Eagle County has began to accept SMS (Short Message Service) messages for those in need of help who may find it safer to text than place a call.

Text-To-911 is not meant to replace regular dialing of “911” in an emergency, but provide an extra level of contact in the situation that someone in an emergency may be safer not speaking.

Before you send a text message to 911, you must know…

1.    Only text when you are unable to call.  Calling “911” is the preferred contact method and ensures the best level of service to callers. 

2.    Text-To-911 will only work for select 911 Communication Centers who have elected, setup, and are designed to handle SMS messages. 

3.    If you send a message to a center that is not setup to receive SMS, you will get a message back advising that the call center you are near is not unable to receive these messages. 

4.    At this time, picture and video messaging to 911 is not available within the Colorado markets. 

When you send a text to 911…

·        Be prepared to provide an address or location.   This is one of the most important pieces of information to any 911 call center.  

·        Don’t be surprised if your call is best handled with a voice conversation and you receive a message back prompting you to call “911”. 

Nearly 400,000 wireless calls are made each and every day making it important that you have the ability to contact emergency help when needed.  

Text-To-91 1is also beneficial for those speaking or hearing impaired who may be better served by the ability to text or message in with a method much more convenient for citizens than the conventional TTD/TTY services. 

Ifyou have additional questions about Text-To-911 in the Eagle County area,please see our frequently asked questions below or give us a call.