Tuesday, October 19, 2021




The Eagle County Sheriff’s Office (ECSO) consists of the Sheriff, four investigators, one lieutenants, two captain's, 40 road deputies and 23 detentions deputies. They also have a large administrative staff.

The ECSO handles all law enforcement/criminal calls outside of municipalities. They are responsible for maintaining the County Detentions Facility. The ECSO has jurisdiction throughout ALL of Eagle County. BC Public Safety, Arrowhead Security, Cordillera Security, Bachelor Gulch Security, will respond on all burglary alarms in their respective areas and will request a deputy response if necessary. The primary towns covered by the ECSO aside from all unincorporated areas in the county include Red Cliff, Minturn, Eagle-Vail, Beaver Creek/Bachelor Gulch, Edwards, Arrowhead, Cordillera, Wolcott, McCoy, Burns, Bond, Gypsum and El Jebel.

The ECSO will take motor vehicle accident reports in the Town of Gypsum and the town of Minturn; all other motor vehicle accidents not in a municipality are handled by Colorado State Patrol.

In Vail, CO the ECSO covers:

  • the Marriott Streamside Condos
  • Creekside Condos
  • the Savory Inn
  • all of: Vermont Rd
  • Vermont CT
  • Tahoe Dr
  • Sequoia Dr
  • Elliott Ranch Rd
  • Meadow Brook Dr. 
Portions of:
  • Alpine Dr
  • Bellflower Dr
  • Basingdale Bl