Tuesday, October 19, 2021




The Eagle Police Department (EPD) consists of a Chief, seven officers, one sergeant, one detective, one records clerk and a code enforcement officer.

The jurisdiction of the EPD includes the entire town of Eagle from approximately  MM 148.2 on Hwy 6 east to a line just beyond the intersection of Eby Creek Rd and Hwy 6 (also called Grand Ave in the town of Eagle). EPD covers I-70 from approximately MM 146.5 to MM 147.5 (emergency turn around on each side of the exit ramps); portions of Eby Creek Rd from the intersection of EBY Creek Rd and Hwy 6 north to a line just north of the WECAD building; portions of Brush Creek Rd headed south to the curve outside of the Terrace.  

It does include:

  • The Terrace
  • Eagle River Sanitation
  • all of the properties on Nogal Rd
  • The Bluffs
  • Eagle Ranch
  • Market Street area including all motels/lodging

It does not include:

  • Upper Kaibab
  • Eby Creek Mesa
  • Castle Peak Subdivision
  • Green Acres MHP
  • the cemetery
  • the fairgrounds and all areas west of the fairgrounds