Tuesday, October 19, 2021




The town of Gypsum maintains a volunteer Fire Department with a salaried Chief and some paid personnel. They have two stations: Station 14, at 511 Second St in Gypsum, and Station 13 in Dotsero. There is also an ENTIRELY VOLUNTEER station, staffed by local citizens, in Sweetwater, called Station 23. This station is not dispatched, but functions as a community “watchdog” service and will advise Gypsum Fire of conditions on incidents in that area.

Gypsum Fire Protection District (GFPD) responds on I-70 from the east edge of the Hanging Lake Tunnel MM 125.8 to MM 143.  

On Highway 6, Gypsum Fire responds from MM 146 west to the county line.

GFPD responds to all of the properties on Cooley Mesa Rd west of Costco, including the Eagle County Airport.  

GFPD responds up the Colorado River Rd to the Blue Hill/Catamount area (MM 26) including the town of Burns.  GFPD responds to the county line on Cottonwood Pass Rd and Gypsum Creek Rd if the roads are passable. GFPD responds to all medical calls with the ambulance.

Due to response time and accessibility, Gypsum Fire will respond into Garfield County on Sweetwater Rd, Deep Creek Rd and Coffee Pot Rd, up to Deep Lake, Heart Lake, and Sweetwater Resort. They do this under a mutual aid agreement with Garfield County, although their jurisdiction stops five miles up Sweetwater Road, Deep Creek Rd, and Coffee Pot Rd.


We will provide exceptional emergency service. We are to provide assistance in emergency situations safely, calmly, and expeditiously.


We will train to the highest level possible, nurturing firefighters with a   “can do” attitude.  Provide the tools to firefighters to mitigate emergency situations efficiently.


We are your neighbors willing to help you at any time with any type of emergency.