Tuesday, October 19, 2021



Rock Creek Volunteer Fire Department is an entirely volunteer department operating out of McCoy. Their station number is 25 and is located in McCoy.

Rock Creek fire responds west to Gypsum Fire boundary, east to Eagle/Grand County Line @ MM 15 on GCR 1, north lateral to Eagle/Routt County Line @ MM 21.5 on Hwy 131, south  lateral to Eagle Fire boundary @ MM 7 on Hwy 131.

  • Rock Creek will respond for mutual aid into Routt and Grand County jurisdictions.
  • RCVFD responds on Colorado River Rd from MM 26 to the Blue Hill/Catamount area (Eagle County Rd 305) to MM 35 (intersection Colorado River Rd and CO Hwy 131). This does not include Burns.
  • On Catamount Creek Rd (Eagle County Rd 40) to MM 41
  • Antelope Rd (Routt County Rd 1) AKA Poppy Creek Road (Eagle County Rd 37) from the Eagle/Routt County line to Colorado River Road.
  • Into McCoy and up Eagle County Rd 129, Conger Mesa Rd into Routt County (Routt County Rd 4) to Black Mountain Ranch.
  • Copper Spur Rd (Eagle County Rd 31) into Routt County (Routt County Rd 2) to the end.
  • Town of Bond including Bond Road and Old Bond Road.
  • Trough Rd (Grand County Rd 1) at State Bridge to the Grand County line MM 15 including Rancho Del Rio.
  • Sheephorn (Grand County Rd 11) from Grand County Line to dead end.


The purpose for which the Rock Creek Volunteer Fire Department is formed is to train, equip, facilitate and ready the dispatch of strictly volunteer emergency personnel in coordinated response with established emergency service agencies in Eagle County, Routt County, Grand County; Federal and State agencies including the United States Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, Colorado State Forest Service etc.